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Penon Penon

Herbal Products, Salud Masculina

Crema de Penon es una fórmula herbaria tópica ayurvédico altamente probada para mejorar la fuerza del pene, apretando e incluso la longitud y el diámetro del pene. Penon es ideal para muchos adultos que tienen dificultades para penetrar debido al pene flojo, que les resulta difícil seguir haciendo el amor durante mucho tiempo, debido a las erecciones pobres y la eyaculación precoz.

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Penon cream

What is this product?

Penon - a safe, 100% natural, powerful cream, produced in a 100 grams tube. It that has been scientifically engineered into topical cream with exotic herbal formula that is designed not only for male genitalia but also to please the smell, sight and feelings of women.The use of Penon cream is a must not only for the category of men who are not satisfied with the size of their penis, but also for people who are unhappy due to a constant bad smell from it. If you want to nourish the skin of genitals, enhance the erection and increase the duration of potency, the Penon cream is the right remedy for this.

How to use this product?

Before applying this agent you need to wash the genital area thoroughly, using an ordinary soap. You should be careful to apply the cream, as it must be aplied with smooth movements for a few minutes on a dry penis. It is recommended to use the cream twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. It is important to note that the result from using the agent is only observed after four months of its regular usage. Clean the pubic area of Penis and Testes with like warm water & soap, wipe dry, take some PENON cream on fingers and gently aply it onto penis, making massage mooves. Repeat it twice a day.

How it works?

After applying the cream the patient feels an activation of a bloodflow in genitals. Penon eliminates the problem of poor blood circulation, helps to improve the quality of sexual intercourse. Along with penis enlargement and compaction, it promotes a significant improvement of potency, due to which sex becomes longer. The cream includes such biologically active substances such as Licorice, Ashwagandha, manzhishta etc. Natural ingredients have a positive influence on blood vessels, allow the body to fight stress and spasms, helping to lower blood pressure. Environmentally-friendly composition of the drug can achieve excellent results in a short time and without surgery! The formula is ALL natural, with NO harmful ingredients, Non-sticky and Non-greasy. Moreover, it gives good aroma to penis, helps to nourish your penis skin, removes built up dirt on penis foreskin. The cream leaves penis healthy, fresh & invigorated. Just apply to full length of penis for complete satisfaction and for powerful performance that you deserve. Apart from strong and lasting erection, Penon cream also ensures better ejaculation control and effective seminal output with higher sex drives.

What are the components of this product?

Penon cream contains the following elements:


  • Jethimadh (2-3%) – known and widely used in the East agent rendering antibacterial and tonic effect
  • Ashwagandha (2-3%) – drug, releasing a large amount of sexual energy
  • Nagkeshar (3-4%) – Ceylon wood element, has an effect on the sharp decrease of carcinogenic substances in the human body
  • Aloevera (2-4%) – Aloe Vera is widely used for the treatment and for the prevention of many diseases of the body
  • Daruhaldar (1-2%) – useful component - barberry, which has a strong antiseptic and antipyretic effect, cleansing the blood
  • Majith (3-4%) – blood cleansing remedy, that allows you to excrete almost all pathogenic bacteria
  • Safed Chandan (1%) – Sandalwood essential oil, which helps with various diseases of the genital organs
  • Methi (1-2%) – plant popular in Asia
  • Hadsankal (5%) – tsissus drug is used for weight loss and restore vitality after surgeries
  • Wheat Germ Oil (1%) – curative oil from sprouted grains, have an effect on the state of muscle tone of genitals


What are the possible side effects?

Due to herbal composition of the drug it does not have any contraindications, except only allergic reactions. With anti-inflammatory and anti-stress effect, the cream is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving any traces on it and redness. During treatment, the cream does not cause discomfort and does not emit unpleasant odor.

What are the contraindications to use?

Due to exclusive composition of natural elements and natural oils in Penon cream, there are no clearly established contraindications to it. The only thing that you need to check - is the presence or absence of individual intolerance to any of the elements in the composition of this herbal remedy.

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