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I-Vegiehills® (Vegiehills Blend )

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Herbal Iron Vegetable formulation contains Beetroot, Spinach & Barley Grass which is rich source of Iron, Calcium & Beta-carotenes considered as an excellent tonic for eyes. Nitrates may help improve blood circulation and control blood pressure. As an antioxidant it has a property which may help to enhance immunity. These tablets may help to improve the health of arteries and control blood pressure.

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I Vegiehills Tablets - Iron Veggies Formula

Basically, iron is an important component of hemoglobin, which is a main oxygen carrier of the blood. This carrier carries oxygen from the lungs to the various body parts and organs. However, if we do not have enough blood, then we cannot make oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Moreover, without any enough oxygen in the body, we may experience fatigue and our brain will not be able to work properly. Thus, consuming one of the best iron supplements is necessary.

Herbal Hills is an eminent and innovative manufacturer that deals with Ayurvedic formulations and green food supplements. Additionally, it owns a herbal land in Sahyadri mountains to provide pollution free aura. This most suitable environment then promotes a traditional cultivation of natural herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Herbal Hills then uses these pure vegetables to prepare one of the best iron supplement by using highly-advanced technologies. These one of the best iron tablets are free from chemicals and toxic elements and thus are safe to consume. Moreover, to assure the premium quality, herbal hills hold desirable license such as FASSAI, USDA, VOCA etc. By producing one of the best iron tablets under this facility, it creates an important place in the international markets. Herbal Hills uses organic ingredients in the preparation of this iron supplement to promote maximum benefits.

I-Vegiehills is an Iron Vegie formulation of iron-rich vegetables such as Spinach, Barley Grass and Beetroot. Additionally, this one of the best iron supplement contains beta-carotene, calcium, essential minerals, nitrates, nutrients etc. This Ayurvedic formulation is a great source of iron and dietary fibers to help transfer oxygen to all the parts of the body. It is also beneficial for eye health. Thus, add these ones of the best iron tablets in your daily regimen and fulfill the need of iron naturally.

Each 500mg I-Vegiehills tablet contains:

  • Barley grass(Hordeum vulgare) - 150mg
  • Spinach(Spinacia oleracea) - 250mg
  • Beetroot(Beta vulgari) - 100mg
  • Excipient–qs


Take 2 tablets twice a day for maintaining good health. It should ideally be taken on empty stomach before meals. For better results it should be taken with warm water.

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    No siempre hay alguien en casa, así que tuvimos que dejar el paquete en mi oficina. Ningún problema con eso.
    Tuve una consulta sobre las 4 pastillas a mayores, que llegaron después de unos pocos días a través de correo aéreo.
    Sugeriría que presten atención a esta parte del proceso ya que el coste extra es innecesario. Incluyan todo en un solo paquete.
    En definitiva, buen servicio. - Juan

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