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Calcihills 500® Khatika , Gadanti , Shankth...

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Calcihills Capsules - Bone Health Formula. Ayurvedic Bone health formulation Calcihills contains Calcium & minerals which may help to improve bone health & density. It may help to improve joint health and mobility. The mineral supplement helps in bone metabolism and healthy teeth.

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Calcihills Capsules - Bone Health Formula

The bone is the important part of body because it is related to every part of your body. Herba Hills is one of the leading, eminent and renowned bone health supplement manufacturer and herbal supplements manufacturer and Ayurvedic toxin removal products manufacturer. We always believe in innovation and creativity that works towards health benefits. Thus, herbal hills produced Calcihills herbs for bones. This herbs for bone healing to support healthy bone. However, herbal bone repair supplements are very beneficial to maintain strong, healthy bones naturally. Moreover the medicine for bones prepared at Herbal Hills is 100% toxic free and natural, owing to manual attention and modern techniques of preparation.

Herbal Hills has its own land in the range of Sahyadri Mountains to offer pure and pollution free environment. Along with following a traditional way of cultivation, HerbalHills also it also follows not-notched technologies for premium quality. Additionally, it has an own manufacturing unit, which focuses on modern technologies and has their own dairy farm for the production of medicated cow ghee. Moreover, Herbal Hills holds government approved certificates and license to assure optimum quality standards.

Calcihills (Ayurvedic Herbs for Bone Healing) is an Ayurvedic combination of various herbs. Some of them are Khatika, Godanti bhasma, Shankh bhasma, Mukta sukti bhasma, Kapardika bhasma, Hadjod extract, Ashwagandha extract etc. Additionally, it contains calcium & minerals supplements & calcium enriched contents. This Calcium not only helps to keep bones strong, but also uses in other everyday activities, including teeth strengthening and maintains its health. If there calcium deficiency occurs body will absorb the calcium from bones and this can make them weaker over time. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a diet with enough calcium and vitamin D to support your bone health. The ingredients in Calcihills can help build and maintain strong, healthy bones.

Each 675 mg capsule contains:

  • Khatika–375 mg
  • Godanti bhasma–50 mg
  • Shankh bhasma–100 mg
  • Mukta sukti bhasma–50 mg
  • Kapardika bhasma–25 mg
  • Ashwagandha extract–25 mg
  • Bhavana Dravya
  • Laksha Ras–qs
  • Arjuna Kwath–qs
  • Excipient–qs


Take 1 capsule twice daily preferably after meals or as recommended by the physician.
For better results it should be taken with warm water.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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